Hello world, it’s The Thoughtful Gifter here

Hello World, it’s little ol’ me giving this blogging malarkey a go. Oh no, I hear you say, not another stay-at-home mummy setting up a blog detailing her every movement? Doesn’t the world have enough of these? Yes, I agree with you, there are a lot of mummy bloggers out there.  Some of them are very entertaining,   more of them not so much.  I hope to gain your attention in a different way; with gifts.


A picture of me
A picture of me

Let me introduce you to The Thoughtful Gifter. This is my blog and website all about gift giving.  It includes some tried and tested gift ideas for any occasions that I can think of. Yes, I am also a stay-at-home mummy to my beautiful daughter Emelia and stay-at-home partner to my wonderful husband Roger, but I am also a stay-at-home somebody trying to make life a little easier to anyone who cares to read my little blog.  If you are interested, you can read a little more about me here. 


The Inspiration

So where did the idea come from? Well, recently, I was feeling particularly uninspired about gifts for a variety of occasions that were approaching far quicker than I liked. One quiet evening (as rare as hens teeth in our house) I sat down a ‘Googled’ some ideas.  After lots of searching, I became frustrated with the number of websites promoting their own products and very generic gifts. I was looking for more unique, thoughtful gift ideas from a variety of places. Ultimately, I spent lots of time delving deeper into Google (other search engines are available) and came up with several unique gift ideas. I came away from the experience with the realisation that there was an opportunity to help others with independent gift advice. In reality not everyone has the time to put into researching thoughtful gifts.  So this is why I am now writing this blog having set up a website giving independent gift ideas for most occasions.

Gift help for you

So what can I do to help you? I will aim to provide you with regular blog posts containing information on gift ideas for a variety of occasions.  This will include timely blogs for approaching celebrations such as Mother’s Day. I will try and test as many of these gift ideas as I can (I will mark them so you know which ones I have personally tested and trust).  This will give you more confidence when purchasing. I will also give you some different ideas on how you can package these gifts so they will look just as good on the outside as they are on the inside. You will also see some gifting etiquette guides along with any other ‘thoughtful gift’ themed blogs that I think of along the way.

Gifting Qualifications 

You may ask, what qualifies me to provide you with this advice? Mostly, experience of gift buying, giving and receiving over the last 40 (something) years of my life.  Also, a love of research and let’s be honest a natural curiosity of trying new little luxuries. You may not like my suggestions, they are my own opinion and let’s face it will not be to everyone’s taste but hopefully they will be useful to many of you.

I hope you think this is a good idea too.  If you’d like to find out more, I invite you to follow me on my blog journey.  Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on the social media links on this page.  I look forward to sharing my findings with you so you too can discover great gift ideas for family and friends.

Happy gifting,


The Thoughtful Gifting Family, nice to meet you.
The Thoughtful Gifting Family, nice to meet you.

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